Monday, July 12, 2010

Women, I Tell You

Lets face it, women hate football. Okay, i'll rephrase. MOST women hate football. Its some sort of a XX chromosome thing. We lack the football liking gene. Just the way guys dislike lets say, America's Next Top Model or Project Runway-you get the picture.

However, some women genuinely love football, they're interested and they know what's going, which i think its great. It's good if you have the interest and i have no qualms about that. I respect you.

BUT there is this one group of women which i would personally capture and bury alive. The World Cup Lovers who appear suddenly once in 4 years, cheering endlessly for a month or so and once the world cup is over, they mysteriously disappear for another 4 years. Yes you know who you are and it is true isn't it? Before the world cup starts you go on and on about how your brother, father, husband, boyfriend is constantly watching football and how boring it is because its just 22 men kicking a ball around for 90 minutes. You think it's stupid, you think it's as pointless as seaweed in the middle of a desert and people don't hear the end of it. So WHY is it that when it's the World Cup, you get all enthusiastic, wearing 'Oranje' shirts and painting your face with your 'favorite' team's colors?

Women conveniently start loving football once in 4 years, and what's the reason behind it? Christiano Ronaldo is hot. CLASSIC

Monday, July 5, 2010

Well, Hello!

Here I am again after a long time. Updates will be more frequent this time around I promise!

Well first things first, and first would be the perfect way to describe my results for the year. All first class honors baby! Believe me, I'm more surprised than anyone else, but hey I'll just accept that without any questions. It was a good year which I do not wish to relive. So the holidays have officially begun.

My trip to India was pretty good. It was short, only 2 weeks but it was more than enough to absorb the country in all its glory. I will miss the delicious coffee that is served the moment I wake up and all the different types of food and the LOVE, oh the love is endless. Contrary to popular belief, people there are actually really nice. Yes, surprise surprise! I'm not saying that EVERYONE is all sugar spice and everything nice, there are the unruly ones who appear to have no respect whatsoever for another human being. Either way, it was a good trip.

Then there's Bali. Oh my dear Bali you were so fantastic I wish those 4 fabulous days lasted forever. It was strange how besides the small number of local shopkeepers, the 4 of us (Siva, Yazna, Chern Yi and I) were the only Asians around. But the best part was that no one even noticed that we were different. Every single person on that island is so laid back its like they really have nothing on this planet to worry about. It seems like all they do is wake up in the morning, go to the beach, lay there and get a tan till the sun goes down, have dinner, go partying/drinking, go home and sleep. Actually that's what we did there minus the tanning part because you know *might get dark*. Heh.
We went surfing and ah, my wonderful surfboard story. So we were told to walk into the water holding the surfboard vertically beside us, which is actually what I did. But then came a really strong, huge wave which pushed me into the water and conveniently turned my board making it horizontal and right in front of my face. And what happens next? The board crashes into my throat and i lose my voice (literally) for a few seconds. It came back slowly but I sounded freaky with a horror movie-ish double voice which could only be heard if i spoke in a low-pitch. How annoying! But it's alright now. I sound normal and my throat doesnt look demented. I'll post a few pictures of the trip soon with more explanation.

Bye bye my babies

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm a Bird, are YOU?

To the only 3 or 4 people who read my blog, IM BACK!

Assignments have been completed, exams are over and now I'm basically a free bird. A free BORED AS HELL bird. It's only been a week and a half since summer break started and I'm ready to rip my hair off. Now now, I'm aware that complaining is not the way to go here. But hey, I think I have a fantastic holiday planned ahead:

1. Bugfest in JB next weekend-quality time with the cousins and friends and every other Volkswagen enthusiast.

2. Incredible India for 2 weeks as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts-more time with the other side of the family

3.Beautiful Bali for 4 days-quality time with high school friends. We're thinking of doing more sightseeing this time around, temples and isolated beaches.

The only problem is that the flight to Bali is a day after I get back from India. Talk about jet-setting.

Well, this is actually just a short I-am-back post. I'll follow up with more interesting posts that are worthy of your time soon enough.


Monday, April 12, 2010

The Satellite Dish

Dance has always been a passion of mine and in all these years as, we(the other dancers and I) have grown and we've achieved much more than we started with.

On March 20th, we had a recording for one of Astro's New Year shows, and since we were representing the Malayalee community, we decided to do one of Kerala's many dances.
It was a very sudden arrangement so we only had 2 days to choreograph, learn and practice the dance before going on camera.

We left Malacca at some unearthly hour because we needed to get to the studio before 8. No sleeping in on a Saturday! We chartered a bus since there were 8 dancers and some of the parents who went as assistants, and my mother had some acting role. But the bust driver got lost, so we only reached at 9plus. We were all worried that there wouldn't be enough time to get our make up and costumes done (based on past experience when the producer made us do 3 hours worth of make up in 15 minutes).

Only this time, the director gave us all the time in the world. We were having breakfast till 11. And by 1 we were ready. I guess some of the performers needed more than one take to get the lighting and stuff right. So our recording was only at 4! We should have just left Malacca at 12.

But it was a really good experience nonetheless. They gave us a fantastic dressing room with a nice big couch and tv and a separate make up room with really good lighting. The attached bathroom's were nice too, with built in warm/cold bidets. Hah!

Anyway, these are some pictures that we took while waiting.

Father of mine, going back in time with a magenta scooter

Parents of mine whose clothes always coincidently match.

The mothers, the dance teacher and the student.

Part of the dressing room.

Traditional Malayalee attire.

The entrance to the studio.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back to School Blues and Maybe Greens

Classes have started and we have just received a huge blow in the face in the form of tests. Bloody tests. Do they ever end? Not forgetting the much 'loved' assignments. Better than high school anyhow.

However, McDonald's is having some breakfast offer thing. ALL breakfast sets for RM4. Fantastic or what? I love their Sausage McMuffin. There's nothing in the world that could come close to it and my obsession with their coffee/tea cups will never end since it makes me feel all businesswoman-ish for some weird reason. HAHA! Maybe i'll grab myself some of that delicious breakfast tomorrow. Something to look forward to eh?

On a very random note (still food-related) I cooked some tomyam soup yesterday. Been craving for it for sometime and now I'm honestly sick of it. It was heavenly while it lasted. Sour and spicy, just the way I like it. Maybe sometime soon I'll cook more dishes and lifelessly take pictures since I have the proper equipment and all :P

Anyway, it's time for dinner. The hungry stomach beckons.


Saturday, February 27, 2010


If I were a block of ice, I would melt in a SECOND. That's how ridiculously warm it is in Malacca. I swear I can almost see a big ball of heat surrounding me. You would think that after weeks of hot weather, it would rain for a bit or at least drizzle. Maybe someone should do the rain dance?

I'm going back to Damansara tomorrow. Classes start on Monday. I'm actually looking forward to it since the holidays have been uneventful and downright boring. But classes also mean exams and Finals are in 2 months. So that's not really good.

But on the bright side, I'll be going to India in June. Time to shop for more clothes and jewellery! And also books. The price of Dan Brown's novels there is only 70 rupees. Thats, about RM7. Cheap or what? You also get the whole Harry Potter/LOTR series for Rs1000 (RM100). How's that for a fantastic bargain?

A few dance performances coming up in July. Finally, something to do. I miss dancing so very much. I miss the exhilarating feeling of being in stage in front of hundreds of people, knowing they are there yet not seeing a single one of them.

Hmm, good times ahead. Time to sit and wait and maybe hit the books sometime in the near future.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Sexy Pixie Nikon

FINALLY, after months of pestering my parents, they got me a DSLR camera. My dream :D

It's supposed to be my 21st birthday gift and I'm not allowed to ask for anything else anytime in the near future, which is quite unfortunate because AirAsia is flying to Melbourne for only RM349. Unfair or what?!

Anyway, these are some picture I took with my new toy. Nothing extravagant. But it's the most i could do, since I'm at home and all. Maybe once I finish reading the unbelievably thick manual, the shots might turn out a little better. We'll just wait and see

On a different not, my neighbour's house got robbed in BROAD DAYLIGHT! Happened this morning and I was actually outside playing with my dogs and I didn't hear a thing! Apparently they stole 3 laptops, a brand new N97 and a long gold chain. The whole house was ransacked. Kinda scary since it happened right next door and we didn't hear a thing. Maybe if I didn't have dogs, this could have happened here? :O